Main EU-Ukraine Cooperation News. September 2015

Main EU-Ukraine Cooperation news, September, 2015

Main EU-Ukraine Cooperation News.
September 2015

On October 1, Ukraine's new law on the natural gas market entered into force. The law is one element of Ukraine's obligations to harmonise national legislation with the EU's Third Energy Package. Read more 

Yulia Shmatchenko, a former citizen of Luhansk, has lived in Kharkiv for more than a year now. "Do internally-displaced persons have this right?" - Yulia wonders ironically if she is eligible to vote during the elections to local authorities on October 25. Read more 

Merely eliminating customs duties will not ensure Ukraine's success in this new regime. Instead, it is vital that the state implement substantial internal reforms supporting Ukrainian manufacturers in exporting to the EU. In particular, the removal of technical barriers to trade will be critical. Read more 

Ukrainian manufacturers have great potential to trade with EU member states. To benefit from these opportunities, manufacturers need to understand the technical requirements and procedures of the world's biggest market. Read more 

The Strategy for agriculture and rural development in Ukraine 2015-2020 was developed jointly by international and national agricultural experts together with representatives of Ukrainian ministries, civil society, businesses and donor organisations... Read more 

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EU-Ukraine: for Democracy, Stability and Prosperity

Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine,
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